Patients Qualifications

  • Treated as an outpatient with routine scheduled treatments
  • Scheduled treatments greater than 2 appointments

In case of waiting list:

  • Priority given to greater need
  • Availability of family in Abilene
  • Income considered

Adopting Church

  • Love the ones in need
  • Local congregations adopt a community or area in the Big Country
    • If able, build and support a tiny house and names it.
    • Engage with Abilene leaders and citizens to become active in loving our neighbors.
  • The congregation participates in caring for the sick as they minister to the patient's needs.
  • Look after the small things
    • Working with the patient's hometown Samaritans, make sure the lawn is maintained at the patients home, water bill is paid, electricity stays on, etc.
  • Adopting church compliments efforts of healthcare professionals, chaplains and caseworkers.
An Area Beacon Community is a community of communities

Should have:

  • Strong sense of community outreach
  • Ministerial alliance desired
  • Point person for the Beacon Community

Should assist in:

  • Communicating with patient/family
  • Communicating with Houses For Healing
  • Communicating with local churches, ministries and outreaches.

Here are the steps of how it works:

a ministry of Sonrise Ministries *

A Medical Need Occurs

A Patient who is getting treated in Abilene contacts the Area Beacon Community


Houses For Healing

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Houses For Healing a 501(c)(3)

Owns and maintains the facilities/tiny houses. We also facilitate engagement between the adopting churches and Good Samaritans for the sake of the ones in need.

caring for the sick

* Houses for Healing is in the process of becoming  a separate 501 (c)(3) Community Development Corporation (CDC).

Area Beacon Community

Is a larger community within a geographical area who helps other communities of that area. There will be an Area Beacon Community Point of Contact who will assist in facilitating care for the needs of patients administered through ministry partners. The Point of Contact person will help with communication between the Good Samaritans in Abilene and those in the patient's home area.

Functions of Houses For Healing

  • Manages and maintains the properties
  • Responsible for:
    • Taxes, Utilities, Cable, Upkeep, Lawn, Plumbing, Appliances, Mattresses, Minor Repairs, Reservations, Processes Applications, Secures cleaning fee, Provides access
  • Pastoral care as needed
  • Raises funds for upkeep, building tiny houses and chapel

Abilene Churches

  • Engages in local missions by caring for the sick through adopting a house.
  • The congregation or local mission team prays for the patients and help the patient as the patient allows.
  • Work with the patient's hometown church or Good Samaritans from that area to care for the patient while being treated and then when the patient returns home.